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Friday, October 31, 2014


In the wake of last weekend's tragedy, Lakeside Aquatic Club has posted openings here and here.


Robert Tapscott Aquatic Center

Houston's Julia C. Hester House just opened their new Wellness Center.  Story here.

The facilities were named after Dutton (Harold V. Dutton Jr. Recreation Center) and Robert Tapscott (Robert Tapscott Aquatic Center). Tapscott served as athletic director, swimming coach and music teacher at Hester House. Both Lee and Dutton spoke fondly of him.

Dutton has a rich history with Hester House, having grown up at the facility. He worked as a janitor there and later served as executive director.

Reflecting on the old Hester House swimming pool, Dutton said, “We didn’t have a swimming pool, we had a mosquito pond. We used it three months and they had it the rest of the year.” Because of his concern, Dutton rallied the support of architect Willie Jordan and Lee to help change conditions at Hester House.

“We gave Hester House back to the Fifth Ward community. Hester House is not a place for landing, it is a place for launching – launching dreams,” he said.

The old Hester House pool had its issues.  From the Houston Chronicle in 1958 (The Swimming Pool Went Swimming):

Read that story here.

Quote of the Day

Do not try to make the brilliant
pupil a replica of yourself.

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Gilbert Arthur Highet


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Team USA Rosters


Irving needs a head coach for their USA Swimming club and their masters group.  Info here.


Men's NCAA D-I Poll

View the first men's poll of the season at Swimming World here.

Only Texas team in top 25 is 2nd ranked UTSMU hasn't competed yet.


New Life for North Lake College Natatorium?

(via Irving ISD Swimming)

It looks like the City of Irving and the Irving ISD will work with North Lake College to keep their facility open.  More here.

According to Weaver, on January 1, 2015 (also pending Board approval), NLC is transitioning management and operations of the Natatorium to the City of Irving. This means that the City will assume all costs for management and operations of the facility, and that the Irving ISD will be a subtenant. The Irving ISD is subject to the same rules and regulations as the City.

“The Irving ISD will be a subtenant of the facility. Pending Board approval in December, effective January 1, 2015, there will be a one-year stop-gap lease with the City in order to give the City and the ISD time to secure formal funding and develop schematic designs for the Natatorium’s renovation,” said Weaver.

The IISD offers swimming lessons and aquatics sports. The district frequently busses school students in to use the pool in the mornings for children to learn and perfect their swimming techniques. Students also compete in swimming events held in the natatorium.

“The pool will always be available to the seniors and will not be shut down in 2020 as another newspaper source has reported,” said NLC President Christa Slejko.

(via Irving ISD)

Great news for everyone's favorite swim announcer, Sam Kendricks.  His mom was instrumental in getting that facility built for area kids back in the 80's.  Sam took time out from his busy work schedule to visit Irving last year, pushing to save the aquatics programs there.

Quote of the Day

Mild success can be explainable by skills and
labor.  Wild success is attributable to variance.

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Kind of Coach!

Could you work for this guy?

Love this line from James Gallagher's ad for assistant coaches at Howell in Michigan:

If you like to stand in one spot or twirl your stop watch this is not the team for you.

It's a new world, Coach Gallagher.  You might want to add something about staring into your phone...

Title IX Watch: Stephenville ISD

Regular readers* know my problem with Title IX is really with proportionality.  I'm all for equal opportunities, equal facilities, equal coaching, equal scheduling, etc.

It's the danged quota system Title IX has become that drives me nuts.

That brings us to Stephenville ISD and their Title IX issues.  It doesn't appear that activists are fighting for quotas.  Rather, it looks as though their issues are with those things Title IX was meant to protect.

Their website (Bee an Athlete!) points out problems in girls' athletics at SHS: 

Girls have fewer coaches.

Girls are provided less opportunity to compete in contests.

Boys ride in the latest chartered buses, and girls get generic yellow buses.

SISD provides a service to boys that works to secure them a college football scholarship. Girls have nothing similar.

Boys have a very nice baseball field right next the the high school (which includes their locker rooms and training facilities) while girls have a clearly inferior softball facility across town.

Boys have locker rooms that resemble lounges complete with leather couches, video games, big screen televisions and refrigerators while girls have nothing similar.

Girls have coaches with little knowledge of the sport they are coaching while boys are provided knowledgeable coaches.

The list goes on. SISD wants you to believe girls just aren’t interested in sports. In fact girls are interested but SISD treats them so poorly that the majority of them quit or fail to go out next season. The interest is there but SISD kills it.


We in the swimming community might have a bit of trouble relating to those problems, right?  You can go right down the line and see that our girls and boys are provided the same of everything, from coaching to bus rides.  Maybe it's time for school districts to hire swim coaches as athletic directors to straighten things out...

* Guessin' we is up ta 'round fitty er so


Quote of the Day

I was fighting every windmill,
especially when I was in college.

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Duane Charles "Bill" Parcells


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Randomness

via Thomas Prior

Search for Eric Frein continues in Pennsylvania.  More here.  Best comment:

I bet if he owed Taxes that IRS would find him!

(via The Courier)

Patriot League Swimmer of the Week honors went to Navy's Jonathan DeBaugh (Conroe HS/The Woodlands Swim Team).  More here.

Debaugh began the meet against the Cavaliers by helping the Mids win the 200y medley relay. The foursome of Navy swimmers posted an overall time of 1:31.76 to edge Virginia's top team by just under two-tenths of a second. Individually, Debaugh was the fastest butterfly swimmer in the field with his time of 21.98. That posting was four-tenths of a second faster than any of the other butterfly competitors.

He would then sweep both butterfly races during the meet to improve his record to six wins and one second-place finish in seven fly races this season. Debaugh touched the wall in a time of 50.13 to win the 100y fly by over six-tenths of a second and won the 200y fly by three-tenths of a second with his clocking of 1:49.42.

Backstroker/Freestyler Kelli Benjamin is leading A&M athletes in the Aggies CAN food drive.  More here.

Aggies CAN is the signature community service project for A&M's Student Athlete Advisory Committee, which started in 2000 when a handful of athletes decided they wanted to make a difference. It's grown into the largest student-athlete-run food drive in the country.

The heart of fall is the busiest time of year for any college student, but for advisory commmittee president and swim team member Kelli Benjamin, the effort to fight hunger in the Brazos Valley is worth the extra time by moving from a Friday-Saturday event to a weeklong affair to beat last year's record totals.

"With midterms, practices and games as well, it's a struggle," she said. "But at the same time people have a lot of fun doing this."

The D. Bradley McWilliams YMCA needs a youth development director (aquatics).  More here.

VillaSport needs an aquatics coach.  Info here.


Quote of the Day

Beware of averages.  The average person
has one breast and one testicle.

Dixy Lee Ray


Monday, October 27, 2014

5A Alignment Update

The UIL posted a revised 5A alignment today.  Might want to check your district to see if there has been an addition to your championship meets.

5A Alignment (revised 10-27-14)

Latest from OK Go

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A Few More Results

LAC Tragedy

(via LAC)
Lakeside coach Kyle Tilley was killed in a car wreck late Saturday evening.  More here.

The trooper told them the two cars were cutting each other off and chasing at a high speed before one of them struck Tilley’s car.

“They wanted us to know up front that Kyle had done nothing wrong,” said Kyle’s father, Larry Tilley of Flower Mound.

Kyle’s mother, Dona Tilley, said her son loved Star Wars, comic books and swimming. He joined the neighborhood swim team as a boy because his asthma and allergies held him back in other sports.

She said her son enjoyed coaching but was considering a career as a firefighter or high school history teacher. He was working on his teaching certification and hoped to coach high school swimming, too.

Quote of the Day

Patience is also a form of action.

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François-Auguste-René Rodin


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quote of the Day

The truth is that many people set rules
to keep from making decisions.

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Michael William "Mike" Krzyzewski


Friday, October 24, 2014


Dallas & San Antonio

Park Cities YMCA (Dallas) needs an assistant coach

San Antonio Wave needs a head coach


Quote of the Day

Men are more often bribed by their
loyalties and ambitions than by money.

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Robert Houghwout Jackson


Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Tricks? No Thanks!

Benjamin is just one of the "old dogs" featured here.


Remember when math teachers were in high demand?  In some places, they still are.  That might be about to change:

PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo.


UNC Academic Scandal

More here and here, and here.

These paper classes were taken by students of all types, but were especially popular among student-athletes, particularly those who played the “revenue” sports of football and men’s basketball. Many of these student-athletes were referred to these classes by academic counselors in the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes (“ASPSA”) who were always under pressure to maintain student-athlete eligibility and saw these classes – and their artificially high grades – as key to helping academically-challenged student-athletes remain eligible and on the playing field.

Longhorn Aquatics

Longhorn Aquatics needs an assistant age group coach/retail store manager.  Info here.


Women's NCAA D-I Poll

View the first poll of the season at Swimming World here.

Aggies are at number seven and the Mustangs are eleventh.  Texas women aren't listed (probably due to late start to their season).


Quote of the Day

If the state is strong, it crushes
us.  If it is weak, we perish.

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Ambroise-Paul-Toussaint-Jules Valéry


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lone Star Aquatic Club

LSAC (Round Rock) needs an assistant coach


Eddie Reese on MSS


NCAA "Leadership"

Does it really exist?

(via The Kansas City Star)

Sounds like the government wants to get involved in running ruining collegiate sports.  NCAA president Mark Emmert has gotten the movement off to a great start in recent years and it looks like it's time for the feds to step up and do what they do best.  Read more here.

A forum sponsored by the Big 12 Conference on Tuesday was billed as a discussion about whether college athletes should be treated as employees. Instead, it foretold a coming apocalypse to the status quo of college sports.

(via phxFAN)

Former ASU athletic director Lisa "Whole Notta" Love* was, for some reason, involved in a panel discussion yesterday:

The dictator would need to exist outside of the NCAA and its member colleges, McMillen said, a comment that received little pushback from the rest of the panel, which included three current and former college athletics directors. Lisa Love, the former athletics director for Arizona State University, said some colleges would welcome a Congressional review as “there’s so much positive under wraps" that could be brought into the open.

Yeah, she should have plenty of input on how college athletics should be run...

Chris Plonsky, women’s athletics director at the University of Texas at Austin, said many colleges may even “embrace” a nonpartisan enforcement body that had more regulatory teeth than the NCAA. Currently, many colleges are too worried to “do the right thing” out of fear that other colleges would not follow suit, she said, leaving them at a competitive disadvantage. An outside agency could level the playing field.

Kinda like bringing in a federal security agency to do the job the local police are supposed to already be doing...

*Yup, the gal that dumped Sun Devil men's swimming, then extorted big money for their return


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Only the insane take themselves quite seriously.

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Sir Henry Maximilian "Max" Beerbohm


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Two Coaching Jobs

St. Thomas Episcopal (Houston) needs an assistant.  Contact Clayton Harrell

Ft. Hood Area Dolphins need an assistant. Info here


Quote of the Day

Of what use is freedom of speech
to those who fear to offend?

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Roger Joseph Ebert


Monday, October 20, 2014

Testing Deadline for Officials

Coaches, please pass this message along to your officials.

Got a note asking me to remind y'all that test deadline for UIL is earlier this year (November 1).

In the past it's been due by mid-December, so this is quite early.

Officials rosters (as of 10/10/14):



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I will either find a way, or make one.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Super Creepy Rob Lowe

Another Round of Results

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A man travels the world over in search of
what he needs and returns home to find it.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sad Song Saturday?

Don't worry, this isn't going to become a regular feature.

Peter, Paul, & Mary version:

The Seekers version:

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Quote of the Day

Failure is just success rounded down.

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Ryan M. North


Friday, October 17, 2014


Ultramarathon Man

Quote of the Day

I am always nervous before the start of a race.
It helps me to say to myself to try my very
best.  That is my commitment.  No matter
how bad it gets, I will try my hardest.

(via Vimeo)

Dean Karnazes


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rope Climb Vid

MAC's Micah Lawrence just tweeted out this cool video:


Michael's Rehab Working Wonders

(via Zimbio)

Working wonders for his image, that is.  Phelps now leads in all three Golden Goggles categories he's been nominated in.

Perseverance Award

41% - Michael Phelps
24% - Missy Franklin
16% - Haley Anderson/Andrew Gemmell
13% - Tom Shields
06% - Kevin Cordes

Male Race of the Year

39% - Michael Phelps (100 fly)
34% - Connor Jaeger (1500 free)
15% - Tyler Clary (200 back)
12% - Nic Fink (200 breast)

Male Athlete of the Year

42% - Michael Phelps
38% - Connor Jaeger
21% - Tyler Clary

If you haven't voted yet, do that here.

Awards ceremony will be held on November 24 in New York City.

Accepting the award for Michael will be...?

Once Emerging, Now Fading

When it comes to athletics, it's easy to see Title IX has devolved into nothing more than a quota system.  Championing equal facilities, budgets, coaching, scheduling, etc. have taken a back seat to pushing proportionality.

NCAA schools were encouraged to add equestrian in an attempt to meet one (1) of Title IX's three (3) prongs.

Bad news, folks.  It looks like the "emerging" sport of gallopin' & jumpin' is headed fer the glue factory.

More here and here.

For the first time since 2000, the school will be without an equestrian program. K-State Athletics confirmed the information given to the Collegian with a press release at 9:31 p.m. on Monday.

Due to a recommendation from the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics, K-State Athletics will part ways with its equestrian program after next season’s scheduled competition. The department will search for a women’s soccer coach in early 2015 and plan for the team’s arrival the following fall semester. 

The Wildcats will dump equestrian and add soccer, but Oklahoma State isn't ready to part with their Tack Pack just yet.

“The status of equestrian as an NCAA sport is still to be determined,” said Gavin Lang, OSU associate athletic director, media relations. “… That recommendation (by the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics) must be accepted at several levels before being implemented. There is no timetable.”

KSU dropping equestrian leaves OSU, Baylor and TCU as the only Big 12 schools with equestrian teams. Due to Title IX, KSU is adding a women’s soccer team to replace equestrian.

If OSU’s equestrian team were to be discontinued, the university would have to add another women’s sport due to NCAA requirements. The assumed replacement would be volleyball, as OSU is the only Big 12 school without a women’s volleyball team.

(via The Trademark Blog)

It's only a matter of time before the Kansas State faithful start hollerin' "Save our horses!  Start a polo team!"


Coppell YMCA

Coppell YMCA needs a swim coach


More Results

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Let everyone say you hold yourself
to an unreasonable standard.

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Lolly Daskal


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


UTPB foosball will play their inaugural season in 2016.  More here.

“A Football program at UTPB will truly transform campus life for future students and West Texans,”added Edwards. “We have a rich lore in football within the Permian Basin and it will be fantastic to see our area kids continue their football careers here at UTPB! “Although the initial fundraising benchmark has been reached, donations are still needed to support this program.

Wonder which men's sport(s) will be asked to sacrifice their program in order to make a "donation" toward the gender quota numbers...

(via Sportress of Blogitude)

New report claims dopers in sports continue to see benefits for years after being caught/banned.  More here. 

The study has vast implications for the existing anti-doping system, where a first-time offender is unlikely to be suspended for more than two years and may well serve less than half that.

Kristian Gundersen, Professor of Physiology at the University of Oslo, who conducted the research in October 2013, told BBC Sport: "I think it is likely that effects could be lifelong or at least lasting decades in humans.

"Our data indicates the exclusion time of two years is far too short. Even four years is too short."

COM's new long course pool is due for completion in early 2015.  More here.

Swendig said that had he known how much it would’ve cost a few years ago, he might not have done it. But he said that once the fundraising campaign began in the fall of 2012, they have secured nearly $9 million in donations and pledges, making the decision much easier.

For Swendig, who is COM Aquatics’ president and executive director, and many long-time COM supporters and board members, the project is a labor of love that they began looking at seriously about 2000. It was then that they did the first feasibility study on building an indoor 50-meter pool.

(via Houston Chronicle)

A&M's Cammile Adams joined Arena USA last week.  More here.

“I’m so proud to be a part of Team Arena as I continue to train for 2016,” said Adams, a member of Team USA in 2012. “Recently, I have loved watching Arena come into the U.S. and have really appreciated their support of the U.S. National Team and myself. I am very excited to team up with Arena and give back to a swimming community that has given me so much. Arena has been very supportive of my dreams and aspirations both in and out of the water, and this team is one I just had to be a part of.”

Cammile's mom, Lisa, is a Bay City native.  Dad Eddie coached in Bay City back in the 80's.

When there's talk of paying college athletes, swim folks cringe.  More on the "a free college education isn't enough" story here.

Says Steve Patterson, the athletic director at the University of Texas: “To blow up the college model for the benefit of one guy like (former Texas A&M quarterback) Johnny Manziel and disadvantage 499 students on our campus for the benefit of one guy – who may or may not be successful in the pros later on anyway – is ludicrous.”

“There are quite a few unintended consequences that could come from this,” Rose says. “Basketball and football are the ones that are making the money. Some of the lawsuits are saying that you have to fund men’s basketball and football players to this level. ... So if you do it for men’s basketball and football, you’ve probably got to do it for all of your women’s sports that you’ve got. Then you may not have the money to do it for the other men’s sports and they may disappear.”

That worries about every swimming coach in the country, David Marsh says. Marsh now coaches Olympic-level swimmers in Charlotte, but he once was a college head coach who won 12 national swimming titles at Auburn.

“This could be absolutely devastating at the highest level of our sport,” Marsh says, “in that there could be a complete elimination of many men’s swimming programs. There is no doubt that men’s Olympics sports would become a casualty if other athletes are paid. There are swim coaches all over the country on pins and needles waiting to see how this settles, and I’m sure that goes for the coaches of other nonrevenue sports, too.”

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/10/11/4225702_paying-college-athletes-an-idea.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

Finally, we want to trust the cops, we really do.  It's sad when we see/hear this sort of thing:

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The difference between golf and government
is that in golf you can't improve your lie.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


South Texas Flying Fish masters coach Dirk Marshall appeared on yesterday's MSS:

Also on Swimming World, TWST raised over $3,500 for the Karen T. Stall Research & Breast Foundation.  More here.

Women's swimming will return to Indiana State in 2016.  More here.

Press release makes it sound like something new, but ISU did have men's and women's teams until the sport was discontinued in 1982.

That pic of "The Launch" was part of the slide show at the Marcus Whitman Hall of Fame induction ceremony last week.  Clare & I:

The man that started it all, coach Henry Savage:

Oh how patient he must have been to put up with me for four years...


Club, College, & HS Results

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Two Jobs

Quote of the Day

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.

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John Robert Wooden


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Void of Rhyme or Reason

Time for another random-ish post:

USA Swimming is easing standards for the Minnesota Grand Prix.  More here.  All about the $$$?

TOC has a couple of threads going on "best" and "worst" coaches to work for:



Best coaches I've worked for (guys like Warren Trahan & Terry Cron) trusted us to know our sport and take care of business.  Only time they ever got more involved was to support us when issues arose.  Great communicators who took great care of their coaches and athletes.

Worst coaches I've worked for micromanaged us into submission.  We became paper-pushers working to further their careers.  Those folks didn't give a rip about our athletes or coaches.

Georgia Tech's Brad Homza (Westwood HS) was the ACC's Diver of the Week.  More here.

The City of Conroe needs an aquatics coordinator.

If/when the UIL adds polo - about the same time the Title IX quota system makes it to Texas? - will schools be under pressure to only add it for girls?

Funny hearing high school swim coaches complain about our country being run by the Chicago political machine.  They don't even realize they're being run by the West Texas political machine...

Looks like the Cal field hockey facility issue may be ready for the lawyers.  Not sure what's up?  Catch up here.  The latest:

Three Cal field hockey players considering filing Title IX lawsuit over potential loss of field

I hope they get the school to straighten out the mess before it goes that far.  If it takes a suit to get results, I'm behind the girls one hundred percent.  Problems like this are what Title IX protection is all about.

The Twin Lakes Family YMCA is still looking for an aquatics director!

Oh yeah, made it into the Marcus Whitman Hall of Fame.  Story here.

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Quote of the Day

When a girl marries, she exchanges
the attentions of all the other men
of her acquaintance for the
inattention of just one.

Helen Rowland